Investment and Stock Market Consultancy

Investment and Stock Market Consultancy

The Share Market in today’s senior is not limited to the geographical boundaries of any country. Any Investor sitting in one country can purchase securities on a Company listed under any other country.

As per the report issued from the well-known organization, “The Share of Retail Investors in NSE-listed Companies as of June 30 was 7.18%, compared with 6.96% in March or 6.89% five years ago”. This shows that the involvement of Retail Investors i.e., an individual investor who applies or bids for specified securities for a value of not more than two lakh rupees.  ( defined under SEBI( Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirement) Regulation, 2018.) in increasing on day to day bases.

However, not everyone investing in the market is financial literate or a professional who can read the graphs or the reports issued by Companies, However, we, M/s. J. K. Gupta & Associates are there to help and assist you with it.

The Proprietor of the firm i.e., Mr. Jitesh Gupta is a Postgraduate in Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the field of Finance Specialization, He has also passed two NCFM certificate courses of National Stock Exchange of India to enhance his knowledge in this field. He and his team is in the business of providing advises and other ancillary stock marketing related services to our client since 1995.

Our firms has seen all the upwards trends and well as the downwards trends of the market from which we have protected our clients and will do the same in the future.

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